43. Silhouette

Six days a week I am out of the house at 5:15AM heading for my kickboxing class.  I usually wish I had my camera with me to capture the sunrises.  Well, yesterday morning I brought it….although not the colors I wanted, I still thought the colors really brought out the silhouettes nicely.


~ by Tammy on February 13, 2011.

27 Responses to “43. Silhouette”

  1. The colors are wonderful. Great job Tammy

  2. Nice Tammy — Kick Boxing at 5:45 am! I definitely know you are way younger than me!

  3. I like this shot. Nice colors and nice silhouette. I really like the softness of the clouds. There is only one thing that’s getting kicked at 5:15 by me – that would be the person who woke me up!

  4. Very interesting and unusual dawn colors! I like it.

  5. so beautiful a sunrise, fine colors, I like it all – and I like it, too, being early up in the morning.

  6. Fantastic color!

  7. Lovely colors for an early morning shot. Nice silhouette.

  8. Warning! Don’t mess with Tammy or get between her and a gorgeous sunrise like this one with the interesting skyline.

  9. I’m partial to windmills so love this scene especially!

  10. Nothing spells Nebraska more – I Love this!

  11. This is lovely!

  12. LOve that green sky, and the barren winter sutbble in the field.

  13. Great silhouette and daybreak, Tammy. And kickboxing? What don’t you do? Probably sleep, since there aren’t enough hours in the day to complete your itinerary!

  14. Kickboxing! wow what a fascinating lady you are! Out the door by 5:15! another wow! And you still manage to stop & smell the roses or rather I should say enjoy the sunrise. Thanks for sharing this gorgeous sight

  15. I really like the color! Nicely done.

  16. Very neat cross processing effect. And the silhouettes are awesome. I might be tempted to crop the bottom third and make it sort of panoramic.

  17. u´re a courageous woman, tammy…

    The winter is gone in Sweden( did I say that?….hahahahahahha..never ENDS the winter in Sweden)
    i love your photos.I was out of internet for many many weeks…a troller was chasing me….
    take care

  18. every sunrise is a gift – thank you for sharing this – the gradation of the clouds in the sky are a perfect background for the silhoulette

  19. Brave to be out at 5:15 AM on a cold NE morning! Perfect for so many themes.

  20. Love the sky colors in this one…so nontraditional. At 5:15AM my knees are still so stiff, I’d never be able to kickbox! Great photo.

  21. I would think you always have your camera with you. Those are interesting colors for a sunrise. Love it.

  22. Great silhouette and colors

  23. Awesome for its unusual coloration. I love the lime green look to the sky and the silhouettes. Gives a cold feeling to the photo.

  24. You really captured the beginning of the day. Love the soft shades , the green tint and the silhouette. You’re a hardy soul to be up and able to take a picture at that hour!

  25. What amazing color in the sky! I like Julie’s idea of a crop to a pano look. Yay for you for getting up and for being able to operate a camera not to mention kick box at such an hour.

  26. You get up at WHAT time??!!!! Note this is asked by someone who just doesn’t do early! Lovely shot and tones.

  27. I can’t get past the 5:15 AM kickboxing. You rock!!

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