39. Oddity

Hmmmmm….never seen a squirrel sitting in a bird’s nest before.  Reminds me of the Dr Seuss classic “Horton Hatches an egg”

“And it should be, it should be, it SHOULD be like that!
Because Horton was faithful! He sat and he sat!
He meant what he said
And he said what he meant…”


~ by Tammy on February 9, 2011.

32 Responses to “39. Oddity”

  1. are you sure that isn’t a squirrel nest? I didn’t realize they had nests in trees until recently (I guess I never thought about how/where they gave birth). Love the Dr. Seuss reference too.

  2. it’s clear, he used the nest to hide away his food for icy winter days 😉

  3. thanks for your kind words and glad your day is brightened.

    This is a great caspture. All the squirrles around herr are hiding from all this cold.

  4. I like the composition of this picture. The diagonal lines of the branches and the squirrel that breaks against and looking out from between them. Great photo!

  5. Hi Tammy,
    I guess it’s better than hanging on a limb or sitting in the snow. It does look odd though. Nice capture. Have a great day!


  6. He looks cold

  7. What a fun image…this is a great capture.

  8. What a sweet shot!

  9. He’s having a little brain freeze and is confused as a result.

  10. …and an elephant is faithful, 100%…
    love dr. suess, and this pic!

  11. This is too sweet!
    Glad you got this one.
    It’s just adorable!

  12. How funny is that!

  13. One of these guys was raiding my bird feeder this am. Creep!

  14. Awesome capture Tammy….he may be looking for something to eat. I am not sure if these little critters rob bird nests.

  15. I love how he has his little hands up close to his chest like he’s trying to hide. LOL

  16. Is this the charismatic corn eater from a couple of days ago? If it is the same one I have to believe he is posing for you!

  17. Awww, he does look cold. The nest just might be a comfy place to sit. You alway get the most unique captures with the small critters and birds in your yard Tammy. It inspires me to just sit and watch more than I usually do… when it warms up of course!

  18. He looks like he is looking for a place to get warm. This is such a cute capture.

  19. Any port in a storm!

  20. A R T I S T I C ! Milady!

  21. So cute and a great capture since they can be rather shy. We rarely see squirrels in the garden but occasionally out in the woods.

  22. Just fabulous! And I love Horton … I always loved Thidwick the Moose as well. Just a great, creative shot!

  23. Oh there he is again, the cute guy 🙂
    Wonderful colours in this photo.

  24. These squirrel images are contest worthy!! This guy doesn’t look too happy with you though!!

  25. What a fun capture! I wonder what he’ll do if he actually hatches an egg?

  26. Me either, but he looks guilty of something!! Great capture, Tammy!!

  27. Great squirrel portrait! I saw one out today running across the road to a cornfield that hadn’t been harvested…hope he isn’t squished on the road when I go back on that road tonight!

  28. Great capture Tammy!!

  29. so cute, is that the same one that ate the bird house?

  30. Wow – super catch. Hope he wasn’t “hatching” a plot to snag some springtime eggs. (Do squirrels eat eggs?)

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