38. Every Day Sight

Doves are a every day sight at my feeder….I think I feed them way too well!


~ by Tammy on February 8, 2011.

20 Responses to “38. Every Day Sight”

  1. I wish I could keep a feeder out – but raccoons and squirrels would steal it all. That dove IS looking a bit round.

  2. we are supposed to take care of all creatures…looks cold you can see how puffed up it is trying to stay warm, adds to the details in the feathers

  3. Great detail in your image. He looks to be saying thank you for the treats.

  4. thanks for coming by. Wowo is this great. I wish I had doves to take captures of. But This spring I am going to make a poit of taking more bird shots when the weather is warmer.

    • I love my feeder, I have daily visitors and some strangers as well. The only bad thing is keeping the mess cleaned up (I have two little dogs who would get into it if we didn’t)! 🙂

  5. He really has his eye on you. Thank you for stopping by and commenting at by blog

  6. I love your doves! So fat and happy looking! 🙂

  7. … they thank you by being model for nice pictures!

  8. I love feeding the birds too…we have dove here…used to see a lot of quail, but they are rare now.

  9. Mourning doves are one of my favourite birds. I love the cooing sound they make. Love this portrait, especially his eyes.

  10. We had SEVEN of them all at once yesterday. I commented to a friend that Jon must have found the perfect food for them. My friend asked if we were feeding them Dove bars. Hahahahahaha.

    Love this nice, sharp shot!

  11. We see them only in spring–they’re the first sign that winter is coming to an end, even before robins. You’ve captured the soft colors and the attituce look so well.

  12. We see plenty of doves around here too, they are so lovely to listen to watch as they strut around the garden.

  13. Awesome capture, yes your dove looks very healthy!!!

  14. I admire your photos very much, and equally admire how clean you keep your windows! This time of year my windows are filled with a dirty rain water haze.

  15. I really love doves. A great capture.

  16. This is a very handsome Dove. Great capture.

  17. That squirrel shot is incredible!!!!

  18. Doves are such a beautiful bird too with their wonderful cooing…a super shot showing their soft eye.

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