Macro Monday: Busted

Now I know who’s been eating my bird house…

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~ by Tammy on February 7, 2011.

36 Responses to “Macro Monday: Busted”

  1. hahaha! Totally busted. Really nice job catching this little bandit in action.

  2. This is beyond adorable Tammy.
    He looks so content!!
    Truly you caught this at the perfect moment!

  3. Ok Tammy this is too perfect! I just love it. Were you outside when you took this or thru a window?

  4. LOL! Look at that chubby little guy! Did you shoo him away after capturing the moment so well? 🙂

    • I shoo’ed him away way too late…One side of the feeders corn is gone. I will be cutting more cobs and hot gluing them back on come Spring lol

  5. *lol* How cute !!!

  6. oh, this is awfully nice, I like it so much, I’m lucky being not hungry at the moment. 😉

  7. Absolutely great shot:)
    Squirrel eat everything what is meant to be for the birds.

  8. this is so cute and a wonderful photo.

  9. Oh what a cutie! Fantastic photo!!

  10. Naughty little squirrel. You definitely caught him in the act. Well done.

  11. Wow… That is an awesome shot.

  12. What a great shot! So cute.

  13. wonderful!

  14. I’ve never thought about covering a birdhouse with corncobs, there sure looks like there’s enough to go round, unless he tells all his mates about it.

    • In between the cobs I fill w/ peanut butter and top w/ bird seed, but as you can see, it needs refilling!

  15. They may be a nuisance but I love the shots of SQRRLS (I spell it the way Yanks pronounce it) we don’t have them we have possums instead! LOL

  16. Great shot. I love squirrels but they can be a pest too.

  17. how cute is this. great capture.

  18. Superb capture….I really like this one!!!

  19. This is great!

  20. Saw this on FB and laughed! such a funny shot, and the perfect caption.

  21. What a great pose by that eastern grey squirrel! Thanks for being in the right place at the right time to get this, Tammy!

  22. Beautiful photo_so clear

  23. What a great capture! Everything about it works and it makes you smile!

  24. Love this one Tammy!!

  25. A hungry thief? I like this picture sharp and I like your animal pictures, and especially in a context, as in this one.

  26. Hi Tammy,
    That made me giggle. Caught red handed in the act. He’s in trouble now! Great shot. Have a great day!


  27. Aww don’t you want to hug him, then smack his little but for eating the birdhouse. But its made out of his favorite thing, LOL.

  28. I wonder if this squirrel has been to the Corn Palace in South Dakota? He would have lots of corn cobs to eat there… don’t squirrels just piss you off? Great shot.

  29. Love the upward eating pose… awesome catch!

  30. All of the above. Fabulous.

  31. Awesome…even better that one can tell he is nibbling on a “house” because you can see the door! A day brightener for sure!

  32. Tammy..I wish you luck with your squirrels and corn cobs. I really think squirrels love corn better than life itself! I buy cobs and let my grandkids throw them to the squirrels. It great to watch a squirrel trying to run across the field carrying a huge cob in it’s mouth.

  33. Oh this is excellent! Aren’t you lucky having all this activity in your backyard, I’m sure there must be a card company just waiting to sign up this image. I think this will be my fave for the year.

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