36. Repeating Patterns

Another shot from Saint Cecelia’s Cathedral…


~ by Tammy on February 6, 2011.

27 Responses to “36. Repeating Patterns”

  1. Tammy, I like how you textured this shot! What a beautiful church this must be.

  2. Love the leading lines! Beautiful Tammy.

  3. ooooo….very nice lines!

  4. Great image Tammy.

  5. I like the perspective of this picture, well done!

  6. A beautiful cathedral made so much more beautiful by the artful image you achieved.

  7. Nice repeating patterns. Interiors of old churches are such a beautiful subject to photograph and difficult, too. You did well!

  8. Absolutely beautiful! Love how all the repetition leads you to the door. Fabulous!

  9. This is another great photo for the theme .I thought this was a harder theme but you knocked it right out of the park!!

  10. From the walls to the floor and the windows to the lights, it’s all patterns of some kind. Really like your presentation, processing and composition.

  11. Will you be able to keep your camera now that you seem to have joined the cloister, Get thee (back) to a zooery woman!

  12. Great shot, Tammy. It’s kind of a shmae that such a beautiful hall leads to that ugly modern doorway.

  13. I love the processing!

  14. lots of repetitions in this one, perfect for the theme. Churches do have lots of interesting wiews, especially the old ones

  15. Very nice photo and fits to the theme well. I like it.

  16. I love the repetition of shapes and curves in this one. So many to see and appreciate. I also love the red tile because it really adds some contrast to the stone. Very observant of you to catch this breezeway.

  17. So well shot! I especially like the light coming through the windows onto that red floor.

  18. Gorgeous processing on this shot.

  19. Beautifully done – I love the perfect alignment and the red floor to anchor the image.

  20. Wow! So much to interest the eye in this photo. Wonderful processing too!

  21. Great perspective and example of repetition.

  22. Wonderful shot! Your processing creates a stunning image!

  23. The processing pops these pattern for sure!

  24. Love that as HDR!

  25. Strong beautiful patterns, just a delightful image for the theme.

  26. Stunning! the processing makes the stones seem to glow.

  27. Beautiful shot and processing!

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