34. Religion

I recently went to the Saint Cecelia Cathedral’s annual flower show.  I love the flowers but it is the church that draws me there every year.  It is really hard to get good pictures inside the church due to the low lighting, heavy traffic and the rule of no tripods, but I tried!  The ceilings are so ornate and beautiful.  You can see a picture of the exterior of the church and get it’s history here:  Saint Cecelia Cathedral.


~ by Tammy on February 4, 2011.

26 Responses to “34. Religion”

  1. from your picture I get a good idea of how beautiful the church really is.

  2. it looks beautiful! I love the ceiling and the whole thing just feels warm and inviting.

  3. Beautiful! I agree with Gisele, it does feel warm and inviting.

  4. That is beautiful! For low lighting and no tripod you did wonderfully.

  5. you did a great job showing this beautiful roof. Churches often have lovely roofs but bad lightning often makes it hard to get a good shot

  6. Beautiful…I can feel the warmth of the church.

  7. Very nice. Church lighting is so special!

  8. Wow, what a beautiful church. Since you’re not allowed tripods maybe you could try a gorillapod (http://joby.com/gorillapod). I have one and it works wonders. You can hook it on anything and it’s very small. I don’t think they’d consider it a tripod.

  9. Very ornate and beautiful.

  10. I suggest next time you just lay down in the Aisle in front of the pulpit, no one will notice then as you are on your back snap a nice slow speed shot of the ceiling, there is your steady base sans tripod – If you can stop laughing that is!

  11. Hi Tammy,
    Beautiful, stunning are just a couple words to describe this church. Great shot. Have a great day!


  12. Such beautiful architecture. It’s really at the opposite end of the architectural spectrum from my “Religion” post, posted today, isn’t it? Elegant and ornate vs. rustic.

    • I love your rustic version though…something you don’t see everyday (at least not here in Nebraska)!

  13. i love cathedrals! they are so magical, and i think that is a lot, coming from a non religious person like myself.

  14. You have done a really impressive job of capturing all the details–getting the right exposure here would be daunting, to say the least. Yet, nothing is in shadow AND the highlights aren’t blown out. We can see all the richness of the colors. Magnificent. One question–towards the right, there are two very subtle shadowy crucifixes on the wall. Are they painted there, or are they shadows of the one on the altar?

  15. What an inspiring place to hold a flower show, whether you’re into religion or not.

  16. I never would have noticed the shadow of the crucifix on the wall but I see it now that it was mentioned.( after looking for awhile loolol)

  17. Very well shot in such tricky light. As was said what a fine place to have a flower show, not bad timing either…

  18. Great image under those conditions!

  19. This is amazing. Great shot, thanks for sharing.

  20. a beautiful cathedral, the floral displays must look even more stunning in such a location.

  21. I’m a fan of domed ceilings, and this is beautiful. Are tripods against somebody’s religion?

  22. Love the ceiling, such curves and colours. I’ve heard that before about no tripods, but mainly in museums and government buildings in some countries. Not sure why though.

  23. Amazing altar and dome. Your lighting came out just right and the detail is still awesome.

  24. Great photo in difficult shooting conditions…I too think that you should try a shot laying down on your back next time–try doing it in a pew and they would just think you were resting! Would give a very unique perspective!

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