32. Prickly


~ by Tammy on February 1, 2011.

26 Responses to “32. Prickly”

  1. what would be life without some prickles?

  2. Great clear shot! Love the color of the background. It really enhances your subject.

  3. The light shining on the cactus and the crisp focus bring out the prickly spines. Very well done.

  4. Ouch! Bet you wish you were outside in AZ looking at one, instead of (probably) inside, bracing for the next round of winter hammer.

    • We are not bracing for the next snow…it is here…everything is canceled lol Sounds like you are getting the brunt of the storm though!

  5. Hi Tammy,
    I would say that is differently prickly. Looks downright lethal. Great shot. Have a great day!


  6. I don’t know why, but that theme title seems just perfect for today. 😉

  7. Or more piercing than prickly. But I like the motiv. Now, you giving me inspiration. Have a nice day:-)

  8. I’ve seen this cactus – don’t touch! Excellent capture. Brings back memories of life in Arizona.

  9. love the texture. this is perfect.

  10. Great title and pic. I definitely wouldn’t want to get too close and personal with that cactus.

  11. I like the way the white soines stand out against the mottled dark background.

  12. Well done and its just “hurts” to look at it, LOL.

  13. Seems like polotics personified to me!

  14. They’re not prickly just misunderstood.

  15. looksa almost soft in this closeup but I would not like to touch them anyway….

  16. Ouch!!! Terrific capture Tammy

  17. Perfect for the theme, for sure! I’m staying away from this one. Nice detail in those prickly spines.

  18. Would not want to get too close to this one!
    Love the detail you captured in this.

  19. reminds me of a liatris flower I used to grow up north, lovely fine detail

  20. I don’t know why this and the peacock didn’t show up on my Reader. Great texture in this shot.

  21. I love the close-up, especially the little spots of yellow peaking through!

  22. Perfert light and stunning details.

  23. Crop and lighting are perfect for highlighting the prickliness!

  24. Prickly, yes! Gorgeous, yes!

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