27. Weathered

Another drive by shooting!  🙂    This barn was in bad need of a paint job and some TLC….but look at all that personality!  I really liked how the shadow of the tree hit the barn….kinda eerie!


~ by Tammy on January 27, 2011.

32 Responses to “27. Weathered”

  1. I love this shot! That barn is great and the tree shadow is amazing. Well done!

  2. Wow! That’s a fabulous shot! I really like how you can only see the tree’s shadow…not the tree. 🙂

  3. Hi Tammy,
    That is an eerie looking barn. Looks like one of those spooky barns from a scary movie. Great drive by shot! Have a great day!


  4. Nice catch driving by! It does look like Nebraska has less snow than we do!

  5. Great for a drive by 🙂 and certainly an eerie look about the place.

  6. it’s great, a very nice shot of a wonderful barn!

  7. Another winner! I love your processing of this weathered barn.

  8. Very cool. It does seem kind of eerie. Nice shot!

  9. Lovely! I think that the tree shadows somehow add to the feeling of abandonment!

  10. This is a beauty! It screams “Midwest”! I really like your processing on this, too.

  11. Your processing makes it seem enormous and so strong. Well done.

  12. Wow! Is that the barn at the Bates’ Motel? 🙂 Great processing!!

  13. I love old barns. great processing job, it really makes the barn stand out

  14. Great image, shame you only had a B&W camera with you!

  15. The makings of an awesome movie, great capture Tammy!! I too like the shadow cast by the trees.

  16. Great catch! I love the processing and yes, the shadows on the barn really add to the pic.

  17. I love old barns. Great capture, Tammy.

  18. There’s so much in this photo: the eerie shadow of the tree, the overall soft focus but then the clear definition of the structure on top (I was going to call it a “Steeple,” but that would be on a church…a girl who grew up in NYC is not going to know what to call a thing on top of a barn!) and the processing that emulated an old time tin type, plus the reverse-halo lighting. Extraordinary!

  19. Great processing to really make the point of ‘weathered.’

  20. abarn with a gloria around, great catch 🙂
    old barns have lot’s of charm and over here we have lots and lots (red ones ofcourse;-) )

  21. A first-class image. I do love the shadow of that tree, and the texture is perfect.

  22. Now, you shouldn’t have told us it was a drive-by. I could have imagined you risking frostbite while you set up the tripod and fiddled with your camera settings. I LOVE the geometry and the repetition in lines and shapes. Plus, the perfect old-timey processing to top it off.

  23. Wonderful! Your processing really added to the weathered image, and made it look like an old photo. Well done!

  24. Wonderful processing of this unique old barn. I have not seen this style of barn and it has so much character. The tree shadow does add texture and interest too!!

  25. The shadow of the tree is icing on the barn!

  26. Love the shadow and your processing is perfect.

  27. I love this and would believe you suffered to take it ;-). The shadow and the vent thingy (we’ll tell Gisele} make this especially striking.

  28. Looks like a great place to return to when it warms up. Good eye to catch that shadow & I kite yor processing for this great structure.

  29. Great processing! I love the shadows on the facade.

  30. Nice drive by!! I like the texture (s) you chose here.

  31. wonderful positive interpretation of drive by shooting, very nice texture work!

  32. Stunning shot and processing!

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