26. Literature

My nephew is going to be 5 next week and he loves dinosaurs!  I came across this huge pop out dinosaur book on sale at Borders….I think he will be pleased!

~ by Tammy on January 26, 2011.

21 Responses to “26. Literature”

  1. I think every child would love it! Great choice Tammy and great for the theme too!

  2. WOW! How awesome. I love how the photo conveys the 3-D feeling too! Fabulous!

  3. What fun! Glad you snapped it after you snapped it up!

  4. I want this book too! Great colors and 3D capture.

  5. isn’t that wonderful! He will be pleased, take it for granted.

  6. Heck yeah, he’ll love it!

    Loved seeing your handsome sons in your previous post. My son is just as stubborn about wearing coats. Makes me nuts.

  7. The pop up book looks to be popping off the page. That will be one happy boy.

  8. Don’t you miss those days with your boys? I loved watching my guy become an “expert” on dinosaurs, then constructions vehicles, then the human skeleton, then ancient civilizations, all through his love of books….

    Your nephew is sure to love that one – it looks grand!

  9. If your nephew gets to see it, I can see you habging onto it for YOURSELF! LOL Great shot of the book too!

  10. Wonderful Tammy, my grandson 16 months and likes to roar like a dinosaur.

  11. It pops off the screen too! Nice shot. Your boys are cute!

  12. Great fun and a unique photo op!

  13. My son gave this very book to our five year old grandson! Itsn’t it cleverly made? Just perfect for boys of that age.

  14. I’ll bet it looks better here than in the book, since you did your magic. This is so bright and colorful and as others have said, you captured the 3-D. Now, if he really wants to learn the truth of dinosaurs I suggest you introduce him to The Flintstones.

  15. This was one of the books our GS wanted for his 6th birthday last Saturday. He went through Borders with me and showed me the possibles. My blog today started some of the photos from his party. Dinosaur themed, of course.

  16. He’ll have the lowdown on all the dinosaurs in no time.

  17. Wonderful capture of what I’m sure will become his favorite book!

  18. Gee, you really captured the 3D look of this book. Amazing depth and clarity. This book will certainly be treasured.

  19. That’s a great picture of the pop up book. It’s more difficult that it seems it should be to get a good photo of an open book. Especially a 3D version!

  20. I love pop-up books, and that one looks great, your nephew will love it!

  21. You did a great job in capturing the 3-D effect of the book! I have to believe a 5 year old will love it!

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