25. Multiples

I think my twin sons work to fill the theme of multiples.  This is Ryan and Corey, I am so proud of them (even though they are not smart enough to wear coats in below 0 temperatures)!  🙂


~ by Tammy on January 25, 2011.

36 Responses to “25. Multiples”

  1. there is multiplicity in several ways, but first of all: They are wonderful twins and the picture is very well done. If you want, give my greetings to them.

  2. Good looking boys! And hey, a hoodie counts as a coat, just ask my 12-year old daughter 🙂

  3. Ooh! And I LOVE that wall!

  4. Yes, I’d say you’ve got the theme covered. They are very handsome indeed. Don’t worry about the coat thing, they do eventually grow out of it.

  5. Great image and I can’t believe they are still willing to pose for you!

  6. Great portrait of your handsome twin sons. Well posed and great expressions with an interesting background. Perfect use of theme.

  7. Goodlooking twins. Of course should their mother should be proud of them 🙂

  8. I love the wall and I am not surprised you have to bribe them (I wish my mom had thought of that – I hated taking photos!) 🙂

    They have great smiles- both of them.

  9. Very handsome young men, heart-warming smiles. Be very proud!

  10. They are such handsome young men, and they seem to be so personable. (But there is something in the genetic code of adolescent males that forbids teh wearing or appropriate protective garments in winter weather!)

  11. Handsome guys & you took a great photo to remember them as they are now!!!

  12. I like the irregular background as a complement to the two equally smileys:-)

  13. Very handsome boys! And very fitting for the theme!

  14. Boy do they take after their Mother. So much for you to cherish, Love and Enjoy and so much more ahead. They look a credit to their parents.!

  15. A double dip of good-looking!

  16. I believe this is the best shot I’ve seen you post of your good-looking guys. Great natural pose and they do actually look accepting of the whole portrait thing! I’m not sure I should let my daughter see this or she might head on off to Nebraska!

  17. Great picture! Twins are the coolest.

  18. Awesome capture Tammy, I bet the girls are lined up at your door. My sister has identical twins, I can never tell them apart. Take Care and happy photography!

  19. This is an awesome photograph of them!! Great background. They are really cute (don’t tell them I said that!!).

  20. Fine looking fellows, they are certainly getting grownup. Tell them they look cool, LOL.

  21. What handsome young men Tammy!!!
    No, no coats at that age. I gave up on that a long time ago!
    At 17 below 0 yesterday, my students were running around campus in shorts!!! Oh to be young!!

  22. At least they are wearing long sleeves. During my youth it wasn’t stylish to freeze. Nice looking multiples, Tammy!

  23. Hey Tammy, I have finaly found your blog and what a beauty it is. I was not able to access through my site but anyways here you are. Are the boys yours and are they twins? Very hansome indeed!

    • Yep they are mine and twins. My only two, I figured if I tried for a girl I would have twin girls too lol

  24. You should see the girls in Manchester on a night out, your boys would look very warmly dressed in comparison 🙂 Great shot and good looking guys. I bet you are a proud mum 🙂

  25. Such nice-looking boys. I’m glad none of their body parts are currently in a cast. 🙂

  26. Double trouble comes in two neat looking packages.

  27. A couple of handsome happy teens! You have the lighting perfect and that great background doesn’t distract from the primary focus.

  28. Hope you’ve got this one printed and framed!

  29. They are such good-looking boys, and the background is a perfect portrait background.

  30. You’ve got some good-looking boys there Tammy. And their not afraid of the camera I see!

  31. They are both good looking and good natured too, bribes or no. A fine portrait!

  32. Great portrait and choice for the theme!

  33. Wonderful shot of your sons! I was someplace recently and all the grownups had coats on and the kids were in sweatshirts etc. I don’t get it. My son doesn’t own a coat because he won’t wear one.

  34. Hmmm – maybe those birds in the earlier shot were twins, because your boys are doing the same thing copying the stance – hands in the pocket, the smile, no coats….

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