24. Macro Monday: Pastel

I used my lensbaby w/ the soft focus lens and macro attatchment to capture my mom’s beautiful orchid bloom.  I really liked how it softened the colors and the image as a whole.


~ by Tammy on January 24, 2011.

31 Responses to “24. Macro Monday: Pastel”

  1. Beautifully done!! The soft focus really changes the whole look of the flower.

  2. Gorgeous, love it!!!

  3. very well done, the softening and the processing in general is exactly appropriate to the “objekt”, I like it, too.

  4. Very good closeup!

  5. softlens and light works perfect on this

  6. so pretty. I have some shots of orchids. I love capturing these beauties.

  7. Wow, awesome capture. So soft and delicate looking. Well done!! Tammy, do you belong the Photoshop Elements online web family? Your images could be submitted to Elements for possible inclusion into their magazine. Let me know if you want additional details. Elements is running two of my images in the January issue.

  8. very nice capture

  9. Hi Tammy,
    Very pretty flower and color is awesome. Great shot! Have a great day!


  10. This is beautiful Tammy! Love the colors, and soft focus. So nicely done!

  11. very heavenly caught. love.

  12. Lovely color,details, and light.

  13. I like the softness and the light! It reminds me of spring.Beautiful!

  14. Very soft and bright.

  15. This looks very mystical, as always you’ve managed to add another level of beauty to what was already beautiful.

  16. The soft focus is beautiful on this image. This would look beautiful framed on my wall.

  17. Do you have an Orchad of Orchids?

  18. So soft and pretty!

  19. Oh,my! I feel speechless! The colors and macro view are just beyond perfect! Puts me into a spring sort of mood. Thank you for creating this artwork!

  20. I am in awe. I have no idea how you precessed this photo

  21. Beautiful Tammy…love the softness of the textures. Although the highlights seem to take away from that softness. Hope you don’t mind the critique?

    • I appreciate the feedback always Mike…I value your opinions! Honestly, to get the soft colors I wanted I had to blow out the exposure, and the highlights bugged me a bit too…but, this was the best of the crop! 🙂

  22. very nice soft shot.

  23. I like the highlights blown, on a white background this would be even more ethereal. Glad you are finding time to play with your Lensbaby.

  24. Love how it’s just suffused with light!

  25. Very beautiful and very creative, Tammy.

  26. Nice and soft. Pretty colors.

  27. Gorgeous, Tammy! VERY well done. Now it needs a nice wrap mount and a place of honor to hang.

  28. Oh that’s NICE! I love orchids! Aren’t they just little pieces of heaven?

  29. Looks as though the flower is floating inside a bubble. lovely!

  30. This is so beautiful! I’m still hoping that my orchid will bloon one day. Love this.

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