23. Symmetrical

These House Sparrows were hilarious…every time the front bird moved the back bird copied!  They had quite the game of “Simon Says” going!  lol


~ by Tammy on January 23, 2011.

33 Responses to “23. Symmetrical”

  1. You must have the most well-trained house sparrows I have ever seen :-). Great shots.

  2. Those are great images Tammy, and not a mirror in the house!

  3. Fun pair of birdies! You can say they are pairrows instead of sparrow. 😀

  4. I’m glad you included both excellent shots, Tammy, for together they illustrate your theme choice very well. You sure captured them in some lovely light and the detail is pretty amazing too.

  5. it’s marvellous, it’s very symmetrical, it’s great! A nice play of words given by ~Val …

  6. How cute! I love these shots. Man I wish I could get some bird photos like that. Rob got me a bird feeder once, but it didn’t last long once he saw the “mess” they were leaving on our deck. 😦

  7. You’re on a roll Tammy … very nice!

  8. These are terrific, Tammy.

  9. Were these birds on the St. Louis Arch? They’re huge!

    You sure have a knack for getting the birds, Tammy. You must be the Bird Lady of Nebraska!

  10. Great captures! How ever did you manage to train them? 😉 Lovely pictures and great examples of symmetry.

  11. Fabolous photos. I hope I can someday take photos like that!!!

  12. Hi Tammy,
    Great shots! Birds are really comical if you watch them long enough. Have a great day!


  13. Syncronized Ballet for birds. You are so talented to capture this masterpiece. Wonderful!

  14. Beautiful photos that show perfectly the symmetrical theme.

  15. Oh wow Tammy, you have two great shots here – watching pays off!

  16. Awesome capture Tammy!!!

  17. Great shots Tammy, it’s always nice when the subject cooperates. Love the dof.

  18. This is so awesome, Tammy! These two really were putting on the show, weren’t they? You had to be pretty darn quick on the shutter to catch these shots. So cool!

  19. I love when they do that. How fun to watch!

  20. Your images are always so spot-on crisp and clear!!!

  21. Your birdshots are great. Me – I dont seem to have the patience to sit still and wait for them, and since I move around a lot so do they…..

  22. wonderful shots, it must be a great way to pass the hours watching the activity on your bird tables.

  23. How great to be able to catch these two cuties in their bird ballet! Love the sequence of perfect symmetry!

  24. Wonderful shots. I love the colors and Simon says is the “coolest” game. LOL

  25. i thought St. Louis arch too. Again you have made awesome bird shots. You have such skill for bird and animal shots.

  26. These are gorgeous shots, Tammy. The bottom one is a prize winner.

  27. This is one of the best shots I have seen! It really is beautiful. The other bird in the previous post is very pretty too. They can be pretty when they are kind of mean 🙂

  28. Nice captures, Tammy! They fit perfectly with the theme.

  29. That’s a riot!! Great shot.

  30. It looks like they’re doing one of those skits like the Marx Bothers did where one guy mimics the other guys every move as in a mirror.

  31. Beautiful capture! They look so cheeky.

  32. I love this bird ballet. 🙂

  33. I bet you had fun watching these for hours. Nice capture of their antics.

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