22. One

I had a new visitor at my feeder today….a European Starling.   These are very common in my area but they usually don’t frequent my feeder.  It was very unusual seeing one sitting on my deck, when I see them they are in huge swarms (kinda like the movie “The Birds)!  🙂   This is a visitor I really don’t want, he is very aggressive and will chase my pretty little birds away.  Since I usually see these birds from a distance, I have never noticed the pretty colors in it’s feathers and all of those white speckles.  When I looked it up in my bird book it said that they only have the speckles in the winter time….also their beak changes to an orange in the winter as well.  The way the sunlight was hitting him, it really brought out his colors!


~ by Tammy on January 22, 2011.

31 Responses to “22. One”

  1. Too bad he/she can’t be friendlier. Nice closeup.

  2. He does kind of look like a little devil, but he’s a cute little one!!

  3. What a fun shot Tammy … I love the colors. They’re just beautiful. The diagonal of the railing is a great separator from that beautiful, blurred background. A new fave for me!

  4. never seen then in “winterclothes” as they never stay.Interesting to se all spots. They have almost metallic looking feathers and I guess one at a time is OK and maybe he’s friendlier then. A great closeup anyway 🙂

  5. What a wonderful capture. The soft background against the crisp feathers makes this nuisance bird beautiful.

  6. that’s a surprise, a starling in January! I like the picture and I like the bird!

  7. All the bullies of the species have that great coloring! Great details!

  8. Beautiful shot. He is really pretty, but we can’t have any meanness. 🙂

  9. Love the details and the depth of field. Very nice shot.

  10. Hey Tammy…be thankful that they don’t show up at your feeder. I can get them by the hundreds..they eat everything, run off the other birds, and make a mess of things. A small number of these birds were released in Central Park back in the 1800’s by a Shakespearean theater group and from there have spread all the way across the country. Starlings are largely responsible for the population collapse of Eastern Bluebirds, since they nest in the same tree cavities and are, as you noticed, ill tempered and have a long pointy beak.

  11. Excellent detail in this shot!

  12. Cute fella. I guess this is a prime example of looks being deceiving.

  13. I’m with you on starlings, get out the greener and deal with it LOL I can just imagine you hefting a greener!

  14. It’s great to read your commentary on the newcomer as well as Greg’s input. He is a pretty bird but it is easy to see why you wouldn’t want him inviting all this friends and family over to your place. GREAT SHOT, by the way…..

  15. You did a great job capturing this little (cute) menace. I have never been lucky getting bird shots

  16. One of the many types of ‘rats of the air’ that don’t seem to be welcome anywhere. Do whatever it is Ron is suggesting…do you know what a greener is?

  17. Once again, I have to say that you are just THE best nature photographer. We have starlings in daunting abundance here–but I have never seen one up close and personal like this.

  18. Well, the little guy wanted to be included in your blog! I’ve never heard of them, but he sure is a beautifully colored little thing. Such different colors and textures in a little bird!

  19. Beautiful bird, even if it is bossy. Love his speckled feathers,

  20. They are actually pretty birds once you get past the annoying ways of them. Nice catch!

  21. He´s so sweet with his dots. Nice colours in this photo.

  22. We had those last year for the first time and I didn’t know what they were, either. Luckily, my resident bird expert was able to ID them. I like the spots.

  23. Photography can be so enlightening, I find myself investigating subjects more thoroughly as well. It helps with the written work(of which I need a lot of).
    Nice clarity on this Tammy!

  24. What a great capture. I have never seen a starling, but have heard they aren’t attractive birds. Your shot really does bring out the beautiful detail and coloring on this one. Great lighting and clarity!

  25. We don’t have as many as we used to (according to what I’ve heard) and only see the odd one in our garden. Great detail in your shot.

  26. A great shot! Such lovely pesty birds. Amazing isn’t it how relatively fast they spread across the country.

  27. He does look very beautiful in your photo, which is an excellent photo, but he is not a welcome guest.

  28. Such beautiful feathers! I really like the detail in the shot.

  29. He sure is beautiful. Too bad he is so destructive. Great photograph.

  30. It is a shame that he is a pest. He looks friendly enough! Nice capture.

  31. He sure doesn’t look like a bully! Those feathers are so cool too! Nice composition.

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