16. Aqua

Aqua-Fresh….everyone needs whiter teeth and better breath!


~ by Tammy on January 16, 2011.

27 Responses to “16. Aqua”

  1. very, very good an interpretation, I like it so much, just would go and clean my teeth …

  2. Did you reuse the toothpaste after setting up this shot? It looks like a week’s worth!

  3. Nice! Very very nice. I love that this caught your eye and used it with a Theme!

  4. Now that was a great take on the theme 🙂 Great colours and contrast.

  5. If that’s not their next ad, it should be! What a fun shot Tammy.

  6. Very creative. Love your composition.

  7. Tell the truth, did you go out and buy this tube just for the theme????

  8. What a lucky coincidence to have a tube of ‘aqua’ toothpaste in your bathroom.. fits the theme to a T.

  9. Oh Tammy I remember Stripe, I doubted you would be old enough! Colour WoW!

  10. I can see that on a billboard.

  11. Very creative take on the theme! I love the composition.

  12. Who would ever do anything to dill a theme, LOL? Not me, ha ha. I like it Tammy, colors and all the stickiness, bad thing is you prob had to clean that up.

  13. Hey! You could have also used this shot for “The Letter V!” Very clever! And minty fresh!

  14. Fun shot. I love your use of white as a theme and background. Nice contrast.

  15. LOL!! Very clever!!

  16. Great idea! Very ‘fresh’ 😉

  17. Hello, I work for the Aqua Fresh ad agency, and I want to use your shot for a magazine ad.

    Very nice!!!

  18. I remember being enamored with this paste as a kid since it was more than one color, lol.

  19. I can almost smell that toothpaste! Great idea for the theme.

  20. Different and a fun way to interpret, as you have done here. Have a nice day:-)

  21. Well done! Not only a great take on the theme, but a very good image as well.

  22. Super creative shot! Love the crisp colors and that dashing V!

  23. Now, that’s a literal take on the theme, if I ever saw one. :). Nice setup.

  24. Nice job on the theme.

  25. Hahahah – Nice one!!

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