15. What is that??

This poor little bird looks really confused…”it looks like a bird, but….what is that?”   Reminds me of the Dr Suess favorite….”Are You My Mother?”


~ by Tammy on January 15, 2011.

29 Responses to “15. What is that??”

  1. “Are you my mother?” was the first thing that popped in my head when I looked at this picture. lol

  2. My SECOND favorite childhood book, after “Little Black, A Pony”! Super fun capture.

  3. I loved that book, and it’s the same thing that came to my mind immediately. The other was “one of these things is not like the other”. Adorable!

  4. This is as cute as can be… what a great catch!

  5. I love that book and I love this picture. What a great capture!

  6. LOVE “Are You My Mother?” and this truly reminds me of that wonderful book also!

  7. a perfect catch! looks pretty confused

  8. That’s one brave little bird! And he does have a puzzled slant to his beak.

  9. Very funny! I think this is a little Junco. We have lots of these here. (The gray one, not the blue one with the springy neck…)

  10. Bloody Picasso~

  11. hey, that’s very well done, a great, an astonishing snap-shot.

  12. Beutiful pictures, great colortones and a great composition!

  13. Nice capture Tammy…love Juncos..they’re everywhere this time of the year.

  14. I love the confused Junco! So cute! Fun shot!

  15. The color of the metal bird is even better than the color of the feather and flesh bird! Does the head bobble in strong winds?

    • It even bobbles in light winds…I am surprised that junco landed on him because it was a windy day and his head was nodding like crazy!

  16. Soo cute, and now I have learned a new bird species. Never heard of Juncos before, do they live in our cold north I wonder…..

    • They are actually called Dark Eyed Juncos and they are only here when it is cold…I always call them snow birds…I bet they would like your neck of the woods!

  17. Absolutely wonderful photo.

  18. Before I even read your commentary, “Are You My Mother” popped right into my brain.

  19. Nice capture. The little guy does look a bit confused.

  20. It also looks like that toy bird with the long neck that you put in front of a glass of water and his head bobs up and down. (Bad sentence, I know!!)

  21. What great friends! This made me chuckle – thanks!

  22. I have read that book alot and this perfectly illustrates it! A wonderful shot! We will occasionally get juncos here in northern SD but not often. Wish they’d drop by more frequently.

  23. LOL! Just a fun photo!

  24. Love the posture here Tammy…good catch.

  25. That bird looks perplexed! A marvelous catch…

  26. How cute! I LOVE those little juncos. Great light and rich coloring!

  27. That is totally cute.

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