14. Isolation

You would never guess it was 10 below zero judging from the blue sky and the sunlight hitting this field.  As warm as it looks, it was freezing cold…this was a drive by shooting!   🙂

~ by Tammy on January 14, 2011.

32 Responses to “14. Isolation”

  1. It does look like a nice warm day! But I know — it’s only 15 here!

  2. Hi Tammy,
    So it’s been cold there too. We’ve been having low temps too. I’m ready for spring. Great drive by shot. Mine never turn out that good. Have a great day!


  3. what’s isolation? Standing there and not feeling the closeness to the surroundings.

    • I guess when I think of isolation I think of solitude…being alone and separated from others….this structure sits by itself in a cornfield with nothing else for miles…

  4. I can feel the bone chilling effect, the blue sky is very deceiving, reminds me of the days I lived in Canada, EH

  5. I love the light in this photo, and the composition. It’s beautiful.

  6. A beautiful shot that captures the feeling of being far from civilization.

  7. well you got blue skies and sunshine something i long for these days. great light in this composition

  8. I always thought that the house you live in would be bigger than that? Hmmmm Never heard of an Isolationist Realtor before! LOL Capture the theme spot on Girl!

  9. Fabulous colors!!

  10. Great colours together, golden stalks and bright blue sky.

  11. It doesn’t look that cold, but that sun is really deceiving I know. 🙂 Pretty!

  12. You’re capturing a lot of great light these days – I love the colors.

  13. For a drive-by, you have an excellent example for the theme. Or even negative space? The color of the grass just jumped out at me…..

  14. I love drive-bys!! Gorgeous colors.

  15. Tammy – The color in this is amazing!
    Beautiful photograph.
    Have a wonderful weekend!


  16. Pretty scene, Tammy. Does your camera have cold weather problems if it is exposed to cold? I always remember my SLR had maximum and minimum operating temperatures which fortunately I never had to test.

  17. Tammy, here in Sweden we have that at the begining of december or, sometimes, when the sunlight comes and reflect on the field..

    very nice shot

  18. Love the shot. I always liked when the corn stuck up through the snow like that. You can still get a lot of those kinds of shots where you live.

  19. lol… I do a lot of these “drive-bys”

    Really like the building framed to the extreme left, very effective with the colourful grasses taking up the rest of the image.

  20. So beautiful with the sun! Wonderful colours!

  21. Lovely shot, it’s cold and warm at the same time. Hope you get better weather soon (although it’s easy to soon have enough of the rain 😦 )

  22. Ten below! OK, another literary reference: Laura Ingalls wilder’s “The Long winter.”

  23. Beautiful shot, especially as a drive by. Looks are definitely deceiving as it doesn’t look that cold at all. Nicely done.

  24. The blue and gold in this photo are just so wonderful and your composition really emphasizes the isolation of that old building.I think of the farmers in the old days when I see photos like these and marvel at the hardships they underwent before all the technology kept us less isolated in the winter.

  25. Great shot. Love the colors.

  26. Wonderful colors. Great composition. Excellent image!

  27. Nice!

  28. Nice, not much motion blur there!

  29. Wonderful blend of warm and cold colors too, a beautifully composed shot. I can’t imagine living in that isolated spot.

  30. The light coming across this field really makes this photo.

  31. Ooh Tammy this is just magnificent!!!!! Crisp clean and inviting.

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