13. Comfy & Cozy

With the freezing temps we have been having, my fireplace has been a lifesaver…keeps us all comfy and cozy!


~ by Tammy on January 13, 2011.

26 Responses to “13. Comfy & Cozy”

  1. if I could a little bit closer to feel the warmth … fine picture.

  2. Wonderful capture of the firelight.

  3. I love photos of fire! This is awesome!

  4. Looks warm and inviting!

  5. Looks very cozy indeed. All that’s missing are marshmallows to roast.

  6. I can feel the warmth. 🙂

  7. So beautiful to view on such a cold wintery day!
    Thank you!!

  8. Hi Tammy,
    We don’t have a fireplace, but the wood stove has been nice and cozy on these cold days. Have a great day!


  9. Did you know that u give me inspiration to this theme. I like the colors and composition in this photo. The red warmth againt the blue tones gives good complement. Well done.

  10. Great picture. I love the embers on the bottom. It’s nice to look at on a cold day like today.

  11. In lack of a fireplace I use my electric blanket instead 🙂 And to answer your question, yes I have made the shawl myself after an pattern in a old crafsbook from the 70´ties .

  12. Tough shot – Well Done!

  13. What a lovely warm cozy feeling this brings.

  14. Fire is so hard to capture–I know, having failed so many time! Yo’ve managed to do it with no blown out areas and still getting those warm embers on the bottom.

  15. No kindling needed there! I can feel the warmth, now bring it to my house….takes me an hour to get rid of the down draft.

  16. Move over, quit hogging all the heat!

  17. Isn’t it silly, when we lived in Texas we had two fireplaces, here we have none. lol Pretty!

  18. I like seeing this fire under the ice of your header. I expect to see water dripping down my screen any second now.

  19. I wish I had a fireplace….(sigh)…..this looks so inviting!

  20. That does look comfy-cozy. I love the color and detail of the flames and embers.

  21. Perfect capture of this warm and inviting scene!!

  22. wonderful!

  23. I sure feel the warmth when I look at your photo. You really have such nice depth to your shot as well.

  24. Great shot! Not easy to get a good photo of fire.

  25. Definitely does look comfy and cozy. Makes me miss my fireplace too.

  26. I just love an open fire. When we lived in Melbourne we had one and l do miss it….but not the cold. LOL

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