12. Red

I had breakfast with my morning visitors and loved how the light was hitting this cardinal.  This guy was yelling out to the 6 other cardinals in the tree to come over and get some food…didn’t his mom teach him it was rude to talk with a mouth full?  lol


~ by Tammy on January 12, 2011.

36 Responses to “12. Red”

  1. How did you get so close without scaring them off? I love the pop of color in an otherwise white environment!

  2. How beautiful! I have a pair (sometimes 2 pairs) of cardinals, but I haven’t been able to capture them. When I put food out, the other birds get their first. Really nice colors and framing.

  3. wow! Just looked at the hawk. That is a SERIOUS bird!

  4. Amazing shot. What a fun angle.

  5. How lucky you are to have this sight every morning, and t be able to capture it so beautifully!

  6. What a beautiful image of this cardinal. So crisp and the coloring is perfect.

  7. Did you use telezoom to this photo? What red and nice he is:-) Very fine photo of this bird.
    Sorry that I havent comment you during the last time. I´m work nights and tired when I come home.

  8. a very special visitor, dont u think?
    nice shot, dear

  9. Beautiful shot! I’m hoping to see a few cardinals at my feeder today, and maybe I’ll get the settings right on the camera when they decide to visit.

  10. I love cardinals! This is a great shot. They are the perfect example of “red.” I was lucky enough to catch a male and female with their babies a couple of years ago.

  11. Wow – perfect light! Our cardinals don’t sit still very long – they are as hard to photograph as chickadees, IMO!

  12. Hi Tammy,
    He’s gorgeous! You get some remarkable shots of your bird friends. Have a great day!


  13. Wow! Great up close shot with nice side lighting.

  14. Stunning!

  15. Gorgeous, His mates might be hungry too!

  16. Lucky you to have these feathered friends visit you on a regular basis – I love looking at other birds from around the world.

  17. Excellent capture. The bird is well framed and the color is excellent.

  18. Very handsome fellow. Great shot!

  19. That’s a great close-up with glorious color. He’s beautiful. Great detail with the feathers, too. It feels like I could reach out and touch him.

  20. Very pretty. Love his color and the way you captured it with the light.
    My Hubby loves to take bird pictures.

  21. Great light on that guy! I am so impressed by the great through the glass shots. It is amazing to me that some well fed stick around all winter now.

  22. The light is perfect on him!

  23. What a beautiful shot! The lighting is awesome – guess it psys to get up early for more reasons than one. I’m amazed at the detail and sharpness you were able to get. Cardinals are really tough!

  24. Love how the cardinal is looking into the light so that it perfectly illuminates his face/eye. A really wonterful shot! Sure wish we had cardinals further north…they lend such a bright touch to winter.

  25. That is a gorgeous shot!

  26. a very pretty guy, great shot! As if he knew he were to be photographed!

  27. Just wonderful. You can see his cocky little personality shining through.

  28. Like Like Like Like!! Beautiful bird…cardinals are among my favorite feeder birds too.

  29. The framing displays this cardinal to its best advantage.

  30. Great use of the light, Tammy! Gorgeous shot.

  31. Wonderful light and framing!

  32. Fantastic shot, you have some great visitors to your bird table 🙂

  33. Looks like you were inside the bird house, well done, and my fav color.

  34. What a gorgeous shot! The red is very striking!

  35. Great capture!

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