11. Cold

Since Chloe was featured yesterday, Bogy demanded equal time!      After all my bragging last week of 50 degree temps, winter has finally arrived!  We had 10″ of snow yesterday and today we are in the negatives at -4 degrees.  It doesn’t take poor Bogy very long to turn into a snowball!


~ by Tammy on January 11, 2011.

25 Responses to “11. Cold”

  1. He looks like a ferocious Furry Flurry Fetcher if ever I saw one!
    At keast the Snow doesn’t cause Inland Tsunamis like hit Toowoomba 140 kilometres West of here, at 780feet above sea level, That was Scary Television – I know that City!

  2. Looks like he had a lot of fun in the cold outdoors.

  3. He’s adorable. Doesn’t he disappear in 10″ of snow? Does have have a little snaggletooth going on?

    • He hates the snow…we shovel him a little path, but he still barely walks on it! He is very spoiled, I carry him outside, he does his business and then I carry him in lol

      He does have a matching tooth on the other side, but he has a lopsided smile and rarely shows it

      • tiny Elvis face! My cats have been trying to hop from snowless patch to snowless patch in the yard….but since it’s snowing AGAIN right now, they won’t get a few minutes outside tomorrow.

  4. Oh my gosh Tammy. You need to send that little guy up here to toughen him up! I’ll take him on a crazy hike like I did with Hamish last weekend. Burrs and all, he’ll love it!

  5. So cute!!! Thankfully, we didn’t get your big snow…just a couple of inches. Bogy AND Chloe could both handle that, I think!

  6. Very handsome little fellow. He must really be able to camouflage himself in all that snow. Dexter (one of our Great Danes) loves snow but we haven’t had any for awhile. Please feel free to send some our way.

  7. What a cutie! Looks like he really loves the snow!

  8. Oh, this is way too adorable Tammy!
    What an angelic face, and you’ve captured it beautifully.

  9. Great portrait of your furry family member!

  10. Do they offer braces to correct underbites? 😉 Cute photo, Tammy.

  11. That’s a beautiful photo! I love the soft silkiness of his hair. He does kind of look like he’s saying “another picture???!!!” LOL

  12. Great picture, up close and personal 🙂

  13. seems to me as if she were looking just a bit skeptical.

  14. What a sweet portrait! Looks like he has a good hair coat though, or does he have a doggy coat to wear?

  15. What a precious baby! I took snowy Brodi pics yesterday, lol. Lhasas and snow – fun!

  16. Eww, snow. I think I probably dislike it as much as him. Wish someone would carry me around when it was cold. HA HA.
    He is cute though.

  17. Those eyes say it all. Ick! I’m glad you carry him

  18. Love Bogy’s name and those cute little teeth. Sweet picture and its about time you got snow!! (misery loves company, lol)

  19. Aww…poor baby! You can tell he is not amused. 🙂

  20. You need to frame this one. He looks so cute. Love the snow caking around his mouth.

  21. Great portrait! Hope you are all keeping warm.

  22. What a great shot! A dog in Nebraska needs to be tougher. Think Bogy needs doggie boot camp! LOL

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