9. Green

Even at 17, Ryan and Corey still enjoyed their Chi-Chi-Chi-Chia Men.  Who let them out to play in the snow?  Looks like they are about to build a Chia Snowman!  🙂  With that green hair, they look like they stepped out of the punk rock stage of the 80’s!


~ by Tammy on January 9, 2011.

25 Responses to “9. Green”

  1. Those are the coolest Chia Dudes I`ve ever seen!

  2. These are hilarious!! Sounds like a fun Christmas tradition!

  3. So funny, they can start a Chia collection.

  4. really funny, green is upcoming now

  5. Just when I was starting to like you, I now have ch-ch-ch-chia stuck in my head! Very cute shot of green.

  6. Great green! They look like Mr. Potato Heads with hair.

  7. The framing, color and the cute faces on the chia’s make for a truly grin inspiring image. Great setup.

  8. HAHAHA! Great fun photo. I like the edging (and that you put the blue man in front of it). Is this from an effect? Add-on? Really cool.

    • No, I used PSE9 and made the lines…then copied them and rotated them to make the bottom lines….I then just erased the lines that went over the chia man. Very simple to do. Thanks for your nice comments!

  9. Cool..my grandson is into these Chia-pets now. Fun shot!

  10. These are great fun and I love the brilliant colors against the white.

  11. I think the ‘chia men’ craze missed coming out to OZ as I’ve never heard of them, however these guys look like a lot of fun!

  12. Great bright colors and nice clear capture! Those are some cool looking chias.

  13. Scary Punk Snow Dudes!

  14. These are just so cute. With the border you added, this looks like a picture post card.

  15. This is so lighthearted! Your choice of background and that wonderful framing touch really makes this portrait. My girls SO wanted Chia Pets when they were little but alas! we never had one.

  16. What fun! I love the bright colors against the snow.

  17. They are adorable!!

  18. Hi Tammy,
    These are so cute! I’ve not seen them before. Have a great day!


  19. The colors really pop in this one!

  20. Gotta love those teenage boys!! Are they considering a new hair style?

  21. Those are so much fun and really cute.

  22. 🙂 Love the bright colors, but especially that it made me smile.

  23. LOL that is too funny! One of our pups is named Mia, (we call her Mimi most of the time) but one of my friends came over one day and was trying to get Mia’s attention and she said “mi mi mi Mia.” We have been using it ever since. 🙂

  24. Very cute!

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