8. Dusk

The weather has been awesome as far as January weather goes here in Nebraska.  Two days of almost 50 degrees….another heat wave!   It has even been warm enough to take the dogs for a walk in the early evening.  This scene welcomed us to our walk around the pond….I always love dusk  in this park!  Things are changing quickly here though….snow all through the weekend, yuck!

This is pretty much straight from the camera w/ a small levels adjustment in PSE9 and a run through topaz Denoise.  Camera Settings are:

55-250mm lens set at 96mm, f/5.6, Exposure time: 1/125, ISO 400


~ by Tammy on January 8, 2011.

33 Responses to “8. Dusk”

  1. your “picture in blu” gives an impression of what you wrote, I like this atmosphere (but I don’t like ths lots of mud to be coming soon, when the weather will go to be warm and warm)

  2. Nice shot. I like the color of the pond with the color of the sky, and the bridge which will lead us right into the water.

  3. We are finally out of the fog, glad to hear you had some good weather. We barely made it to the low 40`s this week. Love the blues in this image!

  4. You should have put on your skates! That pond wouldn’t have been free of skaters around here, not even at this time of day…

    I like your dusky blues….

    • The ice would have broke…it is not thick enough here for ice skating due to the warmer temps…that all may change soon (like today lol)

  5. What a lovely park! I understand why you like going there.

  6. Great shot and I love the hit of light from the lamps.

  7. This is a very beautiful image. Your processing gives it a romantic feel.

  8. dusk makes such special lightning that I like a lot. will be a long time before I can se the ground like that…….

  9. Temps in the 50’s…wow, I could use a couple weeks of that. We’ve been getting the cold snowy weather instead. I too like the blue colors in this photo.

  10. It looks like a lovely walk in the park…I like the blue dusk 🙂

  11. Send some of that weather my way…PLEASE!
    These are wonderful shots Tammy!

  12. In the Cool Cool Cool of the Evening Tellem I’ll be there,

    Apologies to Bing Crosby!

  13. This looks so serene and peaceful, a nice time of day. As for your heatwave, yesterday in Melbourne we had 37c up until the early afternoon, then a cool change blew in and we went down to 20c.

  14. I love the dusky colors but I’m shivering just looking at it!

  15. You’re having all the good weather this year, girl. But, I can’t complain. 20 today-could be worse. Like the whole tone in the image-very soft feeling and the bridge with the trees framing is like inviting you into the night.

  16. A lamppost in the dusk always seems like an invitation to something mystical.

  17. We have a snowstorm here that seems to have parked over us permanently, so the hole day has been grey and dusky. No weather for photographing outdoors today…. So I´m staying inside reading a book instead 😀

  18. A very welcoming entrance. Tammy in her blue period, LOL.

    Sorry it has taken me 8 days to realize that you were not in my subscribed list this year. Its fixed now and I will attempt to keep up.

  19. Hi Tammy,
    That’s a beautiful place to walk. We had the same weather and now it’s back to winter again. Cold and snow. Have a great day!


  20. I like how you captured dusk and its magical colors, without overexposing the lamplight. How did you do that?

    • Pure luck lol….this is pretty much straight from the camera w/ a small levels adjustment in PSE9 and a run through topaz Denoise. Camera Settings are: 55-250mm lens set at 96mm, f/5.6, Exposure time: 1/125, ISO 400

  21. Very nice – long, leading line, gentle light. Lovely!

  22. this is great. i love the light coming from the lampposts.

  23. Seems odd to see winter photos minus snow, lol. Very chilly looking though!

  24. Just beautiful. The sky is a beautiful color.

  25. Your have really captured the lighting at dusk wonderfully…I can feel the softness. Makes me want a walk there too with my favorite human or canine! Like the curving path which emerges from the corner.

  26. I love the feel of dusk and you have really captured it.

  27. Love the blue tone to this one!

  28. I love the leading lines too and however lucky you say it is great that the lamp light is so perfect. Nice!

  29. Really nice. I love the slight brightness of the soft light coming from the lamps.

  30. I love this picture! I like the time of day right between light and dark, though I usually prefer dawn over dusk because it’s opening the day and not closing it. 😀 Nice capture of exactly this in-between mood!

  31. I am just in love with this shot!

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