7. Coiled

This Central American Tiger Rat Snake has not just one coil, but TWO….am I good or what lol!


~ by Tammy on January 7, 2011.

31 Responses to “7. Coiled”

  1. Nice double coil! Gorgeous colors, but I would not want to run into this guy anywhere.

  2. Great take Tammy! Did you cut him in two?

  3. What a gorgeous snake! But I am with Gisele. I wouldn’t want to meet him on the other side of the glass!

  4. I’d say, your snake is a marvelous beeing, having only one coil or having two or three …

  5. Love it! My girls use to have red rat snakes as pets…such tom boys!

  6. Is that the one that Corey keeps in his sock drawer? or shouldn’t I have mentioned that???

    • Sheila asked if I cut him in half…that would be perfect, then each of the boys would have one for their sock drawer! 🙂 Thank goodness I stay way away from that drawer!

  7. I’m hoping he is on the other side of the glass! So cool that he/she is double-coiled!

  8. Oh wow, great photo and colors

  9. send shivers down my spine just looking at him. Hope there is more glass involved than your lens.

  10. Well, this should take care of ‘circular’ as well, did it take much to get rid of the reflection through the glass?

    • I had no window flash….I didn’t use a flash on this. Shot in AV at 5.6 and held my breath! 🙂

  11. I really had to hold my breath while the picture appeared on the blog as I’m so not a snake person!! I do admire his wonderful scale pattern though and your skill in getting his photo thru the glass. But my heart is still pounding!

  12. Coiled and coiled as I recoiled from your image. What a great capture.

  13. This guy is creepy too!! Your images, however, are great.

  14. Creative interpretation of the theme!!!

  15. Great shot, and how neat the double coil! I’m just glad he’s behind glass!!

  16. I dont know about a twofer, still just ons snake.

  17. Glad that’s in the zoo! Awesome picture!

  18. Love your animal series! I’m not a big fan of snakes but if they’re good for a themed photo even I would like them for a couple of moments. 😀

  19. He looks poisonous… I dont think I would like to snuggle with this one…

  20. That tells me he’s very long and I better back up a bit. :0) I’m a feared of snakes, lol. Love your shot!

  21. Definitely not my favorite creatures, but this is beautifully captured!

  22. Hope they stay in C.A. Wow 2 coils, yea the distance is good on this. Have you ever touched a snake? They don’t feel like you think. Great shot.

  23. Great colors, but I wouldn’t want to get to close to them.

  24. The colors are great. Two coils – not sure I would have counted them. Not crazy about these guys even when they are safely behind glass.

  25. I hate snakes…including this one!

  26. What amazing color! Must be a big snake to coil in two spots.

  27. Yuck, I’m not a fan of snakes. Nice shot though, pretty colors.

  28. Yikes…snakes are one of the things I fear most in the world, but this is a fabulous capture!

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