6. Dark

The Kingdom of the night exhibit at Henry Doorly Zoo is a building which is full of rock formations in caves and night animals and creepy crawly things.  Click on the link to see a picture of the cave area.  On the other side of the exhibit is a swamp full of swamp animals and scary noises.  You walk through these exhibits in the dark so sometimes it is unsettling.  My nephew used to be scared to death of this building, it is only now that he is 10 that he willingly enters the exhibit.   How would you feel walking through a swamp in the dark and coming across this sight??

Camera Settings:  55-250 mm lens, focal length:  250mm,  f/5.6, exposure: 1/60, iso 400


~ by Tammy on January 6, 2011.

32 Responses to “6. Dark”

  1. Very eerie but very cool capture!

  2. Very scary! I’m glad you gave the link so we could see how nice the building is. I might have nightmares about that eye though!

  3. never thought that so beautiful can dark be …

  4. The first time I went night fishing in Darwin harbour (In a Mates 14′ Tinny) he asked if I had r=the torch, I said yep so he asked me to shine it in front of us at the adjacent island. around 200 sets of eyes looking back at me (all small) he said nope, what about behind us?
    I turned the torch towards the shore same number or more, only four of them weren’t small! He said thos crocs look about 17 – 18′ going on the eye spread, this is only a 14′ tinny, not enough room for all of us – We will move”! Crocs at night rule – Believe me!

  5. Not something I would like to come across anytime of the day or night. Great image Tammy!

  6. You never know what amazing thing the camera will find. Thanks for sharing!

  7. You gave me chills!

  8. Great mood here. Dark, eerie and ominous. The stuff that makes me happy! Love the reflection.

  9. I am really impressed with this shot…it is great!

  10. scary and a fantastic reflection! happy we don’t have those around here 🙂

  11. What a fun place to explore. I enjoyed the link. Your image really captures quality of fear that one would experience coming across this creature in the dark.

  12. Looks like the guy that was under our dock at dinner last week! Great catch (no pun intended…..)

  13. Beautiful Tammy. Can you divulge your camera settings for the shot?

    • I put the setting under the picture Bill….I did process this in PSE9 by adjusting levels, a small amount of cloning on the black background, a little burning, topaz denoise and finally a high pass sharpening.

  14. fabulous shot. I would not want to cross his path. Thanks so much for putting your camera settings and letting us know how your processed the image. Definitely helpful for novices like me!

  15. I’m scared! Great reflection!

  16. That one I could handle, but I´m scared to death by spiders… Hopefully there are none on the lose at the exhibit and then I think I could actually survive it.

  17. Seeing him lie in wait is pretty scary. Bet he is glad to be inside and not out in the cold! Wonderful image and I love the reflection.

  18. Coming across this would really be something. This is a beautiful photograph!

  19. Hi Tammy,
    That is creepy looking! I can understand your nephew not wanting to go in there. Great shot! Have a great day!


  20. Great reflection!

  21. Wow amazing photo! Sounds like a neat and scary place to visit.

  22. What a great shot with the reflection. If you look carefully, it’s almost as if you are peering at a creature from above. His coloration is enhanced by the black setting.

  23. I’m with your nephew…scared!!

  24. This must have been a challenge to shoot in the dimly lit exhibit! Well done!

  25. You ever get the feeling your being watched? Great image Tammy!

  26. Menace. Pure menace.

  27. I just don’t understand why you are taking these pictures at 250mm instead of say 50 or less! LOL That eye says it all. Your focus and shutter speed seem perfect and he would scare the stuffings out of me.

  28. Love this one! Alligators intrigue me.

  29. We have a lot of those here. Hubby has caught a baby one on a fishing line and a big one on a cat hook.

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