5. Crooked

I think this guy is in need of some braces, although I don’t think it bothers him any, when I yelled “Say Cheese” he kinda looked at me and gave me a huge smile to show off those teeth!


~ by Tammy on January 5, 2011.

33 Responses to “5. Crooked”

  1. OK now that is funny! Great shot!

  2. What a great image. I think he was flirting with you.

  3. Hi Tammy,
    He’s beautiful! Crooked teeth included. Great shot. Have a great day!


  4. so strange a guy, very impressive picture!

  5. by the way: I presume he will not like the nuts … 😉

  6. Great photo and usage of “Crooked”. Where did you take this shot and do you know exactly what type of animal this is?

  7. Thanks Gisele…this is a De Brazza’s monkey (also known as a swamp monkey). As you will soon see, I spend way too much time at Omaha’s Henry Doorly zoo (http://www.omahazoo.com/index.php?p=animalsexhibits). I walk there, I volunteer there, I take pictures there lol Our zoo is one of the top rated zoos in the entire world, and many of the animals are not behind glass or fencing….perfect for pictures! Joel Sartore (a National Geographic photographer from Nebraska) shoots tons of his photos at our zoo as well.

    You will soon see I have a great passion for our zoo and photography! 🙂

  8. How cute. I love this!

  9. Ha! Not what I expected to see when I read the caption. Fun photo!

  10. It’s really neat that he is looking at you from the corner of his eye. He is really pondering you pondering him.

  11. LOL! Great catch of the crooked theme. He looks like a charmer. HA!

  12. Tammy, your zoo critters are terrific!

  13. Lucky you, having a beautiful zoo full of “themes”! Wonder what he was thinking when he gave you that sideways look?

  14. One day you are going to enter that Zoo and they won’t let you out, imagine the crowds to see the NEW!
    “Tammycutest Fotogafist”1 Say Cheese Tammy! LOL

  15. He is pretty darn cute even without a perfect smile! Am looking forward to meeting more zoo residents in 2011. I love the human like expressions on the primate faces.

  16. It’s a good thing there was something separating you as he doesn’t look so friendly!! You take the most awesome animal photographs.

  17. Ahhh, posing for his closeup, I suppose!! Great smile to start the new year.

  18. He looks like he’ll attack if you get any closer.

  19. So Nebraska has swamp monkeys; who would have thought?! Great capture on a candid moment.

  20. I don’t think his eyes are smiling 😀
    I love the clarity of the colors in his fur.

  21. He needs to see our dentist. Love how you got the expression in his eyes… you are lucky to be so close to the zoo.

  22. He is cute, sort of. I love going to the zoo and photographing the animals.

  23. Lovely picture! He sure has a crooked but very nice smile!

  24. Now that’s a face!!!!
    Fantastic capture.

  25. Poor little buddy! I hope it’s just because he’s been having such a full life!

  26. he looks nice and has a santa-beard to 😉

  27. Great capture! I like the tight crop/focus on his face.

  28. What a great face!!!!

  29. I need to come see this zoo. You get some great shots. Love this guy’s beard.

  30. Maybe the orthodontist was not available. He is pretty snuggly looking. You caught his detailed fur and he is giving you quite an expression.

  31. Yep, definitely needs braces. Nice animal portrait.

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