4. Nuts

I think the birds prefer the nuts….


~ by Tammy on January 4, 2011.

38 Responses to “4. Nuts”

  1. Nice shot with the background blurred! What lens did you use?

    • Thanks! 🙂 I shot this w/ my favorite 55-250 Canon Is lens at 146mm, manual mode, f/5.6, shutter speed: 1/160, ISO: 800. Believe it or not, this was shot through a window…I was very pleased w/ the results since it was very windy that day as well.

  2. Bound to catch Monkeys like me! LOL

  3. ob, boy, this is very kind; birds will be happy. Fine picture!

  4. I like the blurry background with sharpness in front, no idea how I should accomplish that though… 😉
    the birds have their favourite treats and nuts seem to be popular all over. My birds like raisins, grapes and apples so i guess the berries would suit them 🙂

  5. Lovely DOF in this! I bet the birds will be after those berries in no time!

  6. So good to the birds and so pleasing to the eye. The blurred background and framing are perfect.

  7. What a gorgeous shot! Nice treat for the birds!

  8. I think so as well 😉

  9. What did you string these one? And are those cheerios on the bottom? Fun little hanging feeder, whatever the recipe!

    • A thin piece of wire, and yes, cheerios…there were tons of them on there, but as you can see they are long gone. I have also done orange slices, but I had no oranges.

      Another fun feeder is taking 1/2 of a bagel and putting peanut butter on it and dipping it in bird feed…the birds go nuts…again, tie a piece of wire around the bagel.

  10. Hi Tammy,
    It looks like your right, the nuts have it. Although the fruit would catch my eye. Have a great day!


  11. Decorative and practical…thought the berries would have went first though. Did the cheerios get eaten?

  12. Love your photo and shallow depth of field –the green background of evergreens is so perfect. This is a great idea and would keep my grandsons busy for a bit–esp the 4 yr old. The cranberries add a decorative touch esp if NOT eaten! As the old jingle went:”Sometimes you feel like a nut…..”

  13. KarenAnn and I had the same thought – sometimes you feel like a nut…..

    I’m going to try a couple of these ideas. Our birds have mysteriously disappeared since we got Hamish the Holy Terror of all Cairn Terriers.

    • lol….the birds just stand next to my dogs and eat…I definitely don’t have bird dogs…they just lay there and watch the birds

  14. Very pretty picture. Now if you had squirrels there would be nothing left!

    • Oh yes, we have a few squirrels and they like these feeders too, I haven’t seen tons of them this winter though

  15. LOL!! The framing adds an exceptional finishing touch to this neat macro image.

  16. Tammy, why am I not surprised that even your bird feed is decorative? You sure have style, and a nice image here!

  17. Love this. Love the frame around the outside too.

  18. So decorative!

  19. This one is pretty nutty and I think it is for the birds. You got a great result for shooting through a window!!

  20. YES, Thammy..they prefer,,,,

  21. Beautiful shot, and even more impressive that it’s through a window! I just put out some stale pita chips for my birds since there is still snow on the ground, but my ever-present squirrels beat them to it.

  22. Brilliant color and detail with perfect DOF.

  23. Such great texture and color! And I love the background.

  24. Love the Bohek!

  25. I love the blurry background and the different textures of nuts and berries. Thanks for telling us about your lens and settings, too. I’ve got a 55-250 mm lens, too, and haven’t used it much yet. You are inspiring me to give it a try.

  26. This is truly so beautiful Tammy!

  27. Oh how I love! The colors the focus! All of it!

  28. Love the “bird food” against the bokeh background. Now that the birds have put in their food order, will you accommodate them in the future?

  29. You are kind making these for the birds, lovely shot!

  30. What a cool idea, is it from Martha? Its amazing what can make a good portrait.

  31. A great shot and more impressive knowing it is through a window. I may need to get some cheerios.

  32. Maybe it’s the squirrels that like the nuts! I like the whole image, and the idea of stringing these up too. I think it might be just the thing to hang outside my kitchen window.

  33. There is something I really like about this image – I love the bird treat hanger, the fact that it’s not straight down in shape and the depth of field making it front and centre. Just really like it!

    Our bluejays certainly love their peanuts in the shell rather than shelled for them, so I’m not surprised at the empty shells. Cute topic.

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