2. Amazing

I was so glad this house still had it’s Christmas light display up when I drove by last night.  This is one of the most amazing displays of lights in our suburb of Papillion.  Unfortunately, I only had my 55-250mm lens with me so I wasn’t able to capture the whole scene, but I think you get the idea.  What always amazes me is that frozen fountain…I am surprised it has not cracked or fallen over in all these years….there is a first for everything I suppose.  🙂


~ by Tammy on January 2, 2011.

32 Responses to “2. Amazing”

  1. I agree amazing.

  2. Somebody has a LOT of work to do to take all that down again! But it’s a treat to see.

  3. Amazing! You did a great job capturing the lights. Good thinking to go at dusk so as to have the pretty sky too.

  4. oh, I can see the whole picture, there’s no problem. I like the fine colours.


  5. You captured the essence or the spirit of the occasion. I really enjoy the lights and colors this time of year.

  6. This is beautiful. Your exposure is perfect with many details apparent. That fountain IS amazing! If the outside is decorated this great, I’d love to see the inside! Bet it is amazing too. Glad the lights were still blazing!

  7. Quite the catch Tammy – love the colors and the sparkle and the fountain is great — I agree with you — why hasn’t the fountain fallen apart if it freezes every year.

  8. You could have used Val`s zoom with your feet method, granted you might end up in another county. Love the timing of your shot with the sky color.

  9. Hi Tammy,
    That’s a beautiful picture. Looks like a postcard. Have a great day!


  10. Fun capture! That frozen fountain IS quite amazing! I have a similar house near me that I want to go photograph on a clear night. Tonight might just be the night! (No frozen fountain on mine, though!)

  11. and I’m amazed of the effort, time and ideas people get for lightning up their houses. Recently I saw a TVprogram from USA about a whole street with decorated houses that seem to be an attraction

  12. Love it. The Victorian (or so it looks) home bathed in the warm golden glow of the lights, the “black” trees, the rosy hue of the sunset — and a frozen fountain that looks like a giant wedding cake. Really a great photo.

  13. Wow! That is quiet an amazing lights display, and the frozen fountain is really cool. I am always amazed by how people decorate for Christmas!

  14. Love this. Nothing like a fun Christmas light display to warm the soul!

  15. Gorgeous to look at, you have managed to get in a lot of detail here. Mind you, I wouldn’t want their electricity bill!

  16. I AM AMAZED! That’s so beautiful. And I agree about the fountain. How does it survive? Beautiful picture that evokes the magic of the season.

  17. really, really lovely Tammy!

  18. I love how the lights show up so beautifully while the sky is so blue in the background. The fountain must be amazing. I would love to see it in the daylight.

  19. That fountain is pretty amazing! I hope the ice doesn’t damage it. Beautiful lights too!

  20. I love this! I love that you got just that bit of light in the sky. Curious too about how the fountain survives, it does look like a wedding cake.

  21. So beautiful! I’m glad you pointed out the fountain. It’s peaceful just looking at this 🙂

  22. Looks like they went to a lot of effort. 🙂 Pretty!

  23. Wow – they go all out with their display. Those nutcrackers are positively scary. Great capture.

  24. That really is beautiful. I LOVE Christmas lights.

  25. Picture postcard, beautiful.

  26. I love this shot. The lights and decorations are warm and cheery against the twilight sky. I think if you had a wider angle maybe you would have lost some of the effect.

  27. I FEEL That A SHOT WITH THE LENS 18-200 it would be ideal but in fact, photography is moment, Thammy and we never know what it will happens

    congrats and be happy wity a wonderful shot

  28. Amazing…go back and get it in hdr!

  29. So pretty and festive. You are lucky to have that in your neighborhood every year.

  30. Captured in perfect light – just beautiful!

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