1. Minimalism

Happy 1-1-11!  A new year, a new blog, plus a new challenge….I can’t believe I am doing this for my 3rd year….and either can my family!  🙂

Well, while the east coast has been buried with snow and the west coast drowning in rain, us Nebraskan’s  have been getting slammed with freezing rain and cold, cold  temperatures.  Today our house was warm with family and friends, but outside was frigid and unbearable!  I did take a quick ride around the lake to get out of the house and noticed how the tree branches and bushes stuck out among the white snow and ice on the lake.

I processed this in lightroom….adjusting the white balance and clarity…and then added a vignette.  I then finished off the framing and text in PSE9.

~ by Tammy on November 29, 2010.

30 Responses to “1. Minimalism”

  1. Well ,simply stunning . I love your composition here and how you processed the image.

  2. You moved on me, Tammy! But I found you and am appreciating the simple beauty of the above scene. Happy New Year, and thanks for all the work you do for us!

  3. Very nice example of minimalism. I like the stark nature of the scene.

  4. Love it, great work. Love the processing!

  5. Lovely piece of art… sorry you’re getting the nasty weather now but yes it does have it’s moments like this.

    Like the minimalism of your new site too!

  6. maybe minimalism, but it’s great! Very well done!

  7. Gorgeous. Really wonderful. I love the simplicity (and balance) of the composition. And your processing is just perfect. The framing technique is pretty nifty too.

  8. I would love this framed on my wall. A wonderful piece of photographic art! Processing is perfect!

  9. This is only year 2 for me and my wife is ready to hide my camera equipment. LOL Great shot Tammy!

  10. great minimalistic composition!
    love the simplicity and the date adds some extra to the photo

  11. I had the wrong link for your blog… maybe check the list on elements village. Love the processing and the starkness of the twigs. Don’t miss those cold days but it has been just as cold here!

  12. I love this!! The tones are perfect for this scene. My PSE9 should be here tomorrow!!

  13. This is so striking, I’d say more but am now too cold to type just looking at this…

  14. Very pretty! I’m glad you’re back!

  15. Wow. I really love this. It was hard for me to even tell what was going on until I read the post. Beautiful. We don’t see that type of winter scene here in Texas!

    And also, 3 years!? Congrats!

  16. Wonderful shot! Hope you get a break from the cold soon though.

  17. This is beautiful! I love how stark it is. Looking forward to more of your posts.

  18. Beautiful shot! Guess your trade-off for the nasty weather is an awesome photo op!

  19. Nice artwork!

  20. A perfect example of minimalism. Love it and love the processing!

  21. Outstanding!

  22. Simple and soooo beautiful! I love this!

  23. This is just lovely, Tammy! This should surely be on a wall somewhere. Beautifully done.

  24. Nicely done Tammy!

  25. Thanks for the follow on my blog. You did a great job capturing the frigidness of winter in this photo. I look forward to following you as well.

  26. Hey Tammy..sorry, it took me a while to find your new blog! I should have known the url would change. Oh..and I really love this shot.

  27. What an amazing house and an amazing capture!!! Well done, Tammy!

  28. Too bad about the weather but this shot is amazing! I love the processing you did as well.

  29. A wonderful stark image.

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